Bridging the “Under 65” Healthcare Coverage Dilemma

It's beautiful, but this Bridge does not get you to the other side! Retiring early by choice or necessity can still leave a financial gap before Medicare eligibility. The Situation: Lisa enjoyed working and was skilled with analysis and databases.  Then, life handed her some health challenges that shortened her career.  She had expected to budget for healthcare in retirement, just not so soon.  She needed a financial bridge between forced early retirement and Medicare eligibility at age 65. Her townhome is just right for her and her three, adored 4-legged companions.  Lisa has been careful with her finances to keep her credit solid.  She had researched a Reverse Mortgage to pursue at age 62, as soon as she was eligible.  At this point, she was struggling to keep up with basics even with researching food aid, community resources and property tax [...]